Bienvenidos a Mexico

Filed under: Mexico — Aaron and Amy at 7:18 pm on Thursday, December 22, 2005

We crossed the border with absolutely no problems!!! Everyone was extremely friendly and courteous. We made it through including getting a new 10 year vehicle permit in about an hour. From the border we headed towards Ciudad Victoria. We stopped along the way to get a nice little lunch. It was as much food as we could have wanted and the owner/cook/waitress was absolutely delightful. Including soda, all the homemade tortillas we could eat, and a tip we spent about $8. We walked down to a bank and withdrew our first pesos. We drove a total of about five hours and arrived in Ciudad Victoria as night approached. We simply needed a place to park and sleep so we naturally headed towards the Sam’s Club and Super Wal-Mart. We drove over to the Sam’s side and pulled up next to to cops in a truck. They were both armed with automatic weapons and couldn’t have been friendlier. When asked if we could stay they said sure but wanted us to ask someone inside. We headed to Sam’s with our membership card in hand. Did we ask the wrong question? Either way their answer was , NO! Not dismayed we headed next door to Wal-Mart. Not only did they say yes but they wanted to know how long we wanted to stay. I don’t care about labor disputes, HOORAH for Wal-Mart.
We slept like babies knowing that we had friendly armed guards outside. When we awoke at 6:00 we found that there were no Police in sight. They probably left shortly after Wal-Mart closed at Midnight. None the less we had absolutely no problem throughout the night. Everyone has been truly friendly and helpful. We speak a little Spanish but actually feel better about our ability today than two days ago. I suspect we will pick it up quickly.
We left Wal-mart about 7:00 and almost immediately started a windy ascent into the mountains. The views and scenery were spectacular and there was no one on the road. As we approached the summit the early morning clouds were breathtaking. We left the mountains and were in high desert much like Arizona. We stopped for another great lunch at a small restaurant along the highway and once again were thoroughly pleased.
We arrived in San Miguel De Allende at about 5:00 and took a wrong turn which led us into the heart of this quaint little colonial town. San Miguel De Allende is between Guanajuato and Queretaro in the state of Guanajuato. San Miguel De Allende began in the 17th Century(?). The roads were all cobblestone, extremely steep, and originally intended for horse. We proceeded as we had no other choice. At one point we passed a bus(small) coming in the opposite direction. We were within an inch or two on my side and so close on Amy’s that she had to fold the mirror in to avoid hitting a truck parked on the side. It was both harrowing and reassuring at the same time. We, as well as our vehicle are quite capable.
After a couple of wrong turns and several attempts to communicate our desires for a place to park what is feeling more and more like a bohemith we finally found La Siesta hotel and RV Park. We plan to be here until Sunday or Monday at which point we will head for the Pacific coast. We will be on the beach for the New Year and Amy’s b-day and are both looking forward to it. We were told that there is a cafe two blocks down the street with a wireless hot spot, but it doesn’t matter because we are picking up a descent signal sitting in our RV!
We will post more info again before we leave so check back soon. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a Happy New Year to all!!!!
P.S. go to our photo gallery for new pics.

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