Costa Rica border to San Jose Jan. 09 to Feb. 09 2007

Filed under: Costa Rica — Aaron and Amy at 8:58 pm on Friday, February 9, 2007

The border crossing into Costa Rica only took about 2 hours. Aaron had crossed 2 months earlier so he knew his way around. If there is only one word to describe Costa Rica, it is GREEN! We couldn’t believe how lush it was so close to the border to Nicaragua which has gotten browner during its dry season. It turns out that we entered the country in the driest part, which is the region of Guanacaste. That region is more like Nicaragua, but the further southeast you go, you get into more lush vegetation. Guanacaste gets the least amount of rain in Costa Rica. Driving along the roads with the old trees soaring so high above us made us feel like we had entered our first real jungle. We really weren’t sure where we wanted to go in Costa Rica. Due to extenuating circumstances, we didn’t have our Central American guidebook; therefore we did not have a lot of information at our fingertips. We decided to head to the area of Arenal Lake and Volcano, which is where our friends Larry and Annie were headed for a few days. Larry told us the volcano had been erupting lava for quite some time and that there were hot springs nearby. Hot springs and volcanoes sounded good to us, (Read on …)