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Sue Pozzoban, Our friend and Title agent wrote: I give up!! I need a decent map of Mexico and south so that I can follow you!! Anyone have any ideas on where I can get a fairly detailed map? This is a kick "watching" you two travel!! What an experience! Love Sue Sue, I would suggest first trying local bookstores, ie. Barnes and Noble. Many of them have good map sections. For purposes of tracking us (and not driving) a good general map of Mexico or even Mexico with Central America should be plenty detailed. As we try to camp in remote areas there are certainly places that you won’t find on any map. That’s part of the excitement, however. Even in these remote areas you should, with a map of the country, still have a good idea of the general vicinity. If you can’t find a bookstore try the internet. Following are a few that I found. The first is one of our Mexico maps and has proven to be a good map. Cut and paste the following into your web browser or do a search on google or some other search engine. 

Map 1

Map 2

For those of you coming to Mexico and Central America the Guia Roji is an absolute must. The 2006 version has all of Mexico plus Belize and Guatemala. The Guia Roji is published in Mexico and is entirely in spanish. The website is and is currently 150 pesos or approximately $15.00 in Mexico. It can be purchased from U.S. run map sites as well, such as where it sells for $26.00. You may also just wait until you reach a border town in the US or Mexico where I suspect you will find it.

I advise you to purchase a Guia Roji in the spiral format. Upon leaving the state of Oaxaca to drive north in August 2007, I purchased the updated version which was only available to me with a regular spine that I imagine was glued together. DO NOT buy this kind!!! Upon use the pages are easily torn out, making navigating VERY difficult!

Oaxaca City 03-24-06 to 04-22-06

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GPS coordinates are: N 17Degrees 04.736′ W 096Degrees 42.638′
Oaxaca City is at the intersection of highways 135, 175, and 190 from the Pacific; 190 from Mexico City; 131 from Puebla; and 175 from the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico. While in Oaxaca City, in the state of the same name, we are staying in the Oaxaca Trailer Park. The park is in moderate condition with typical Mexican bathrooms and HOT showers. Water is in extremely short supply here so there is no water at the rather large, mostly shaded spots. The park attendant, Eucario, will gladly drag a hose from the cistern to fill your tanks. There is inconsistant 15 amp power and dump access at every spot. At the time of this writing I am picking up a decent wireless internet signal from the adjacent office building. The park is located on Violeta street off 190 on the NE side of town. Violeta is called Manuel Ruiz off the 190. Turn North at the McDonalds following the sign to Colonia Reforma. This is a wide road and the large access to the park is suitable for big rigs. The gate is on Violeta on the left hand side as you head North. Pets are welcome and the rates are reasonable. The posted RV rate is $200 Pesos per night, however we were only asked for $150. Because we plan to go to Spanish school and spend Semana Santa in Oaxaca, we are staying for a month. The monthly rate is $3,500.00 Pesos.