April 26 – May 27 Portobelo to David, Panama

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    While in Portobelo, we camped at a hotel owned by a Panamanian woman named Nilda.  She had a small boat with a 15 horse power motor that she let Aaron take out on several occasions.  After our first week of sunshine in Portobelo the rainy season began and we were getting a hard rain at least once a day.  One day after the skies cleared up Aaron decided he wanted to take out the boat and go spear fishing at a trio of islands called Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters).  He was able to convince me that the water would be clear enough out by the islands so I went along with him to go snorkeling.  As we left the bay, the calm water turned a bit choppier.  As we made our way to the islands the waves grew in size and our teeny tiny boat rolled up and down over the dark blue waves. (Read on …)

#22 Azuero Peninsula to Portobelo, Panama March 29 to April 25

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We left David and were headed to the Azuero Peninsula for the Semana Santa (holy week) celebrations. The peninsula is full of small towns that hold many traditional festivals, and the village of Los Santos is supposed to be one of the best for Semana Santa. We were a bit early but wanted to stop at the tourist office to get the schedule of events so we could go hang out on the beach for a few days and return in time for the events. The tourist office in Los Santos is defunct, but there were several men at the small museum that were extremely helpful. We were headed to a beach called Venao, but found a great place to camp that was a few kilometers before it. Aaron saw several clusters of rocks in the water and decided it would be a great place for fishing. Oddly enough, on the side of the narrow dirt road there was an old RV sitting in the sun rotting away. (Read on …)

David to Bocas del Toro, and return to David, Panama 03-08 to 03-29 2007

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After spending two days in David researching the cost of new brakes and a new generator, both prices were prohibitive so we decided to wait until we get to Panama City.  (They wanted $ 5500.00 for a new generator, specifically designed and fitted for our RV, and the Ford dealership wanted $2,300, 2100 parts and 200 labor, for new brakes).

Upon leaving the grocery store, I spotted another RV in the parking lot.  You normally don’t see many RVs south of Mexico, so they really stick out like a sore thumb.  A gringo walked towards our RV with determination and I could only assume he was the owner of the RV coming to say hello.  He and his wife were moving from Baja, Mexico to Panama City where they will open a tattoo and body piercing parlor.  They had time restrictions and had made the drive in about two weeks.  We were able to speak briefly before they had to leave for Panama City. (Read on …)

Accident in Rambala, Panama

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We left Sergeant Major Vila on the temporary U.S. Army base near Chiriqui Grande and were headed to the beautiful islands of Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean Sea.  Shortly after we turned onto the road to Almirante, there were two bicyclists on the right hand side of the road several hundred yards apart, going the same direction we were.  Just as Aaron has done for the last 15 months of driving in Latin America, he veered to the left giving the bicyclist plenty of room. (Read on …)

San Jose, Costa Rica to David, Panama February 9 - March 7, 2007

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We eagerly left the Multiplex mall in the capital city and headed for the beach.  It was a beautiful drive through valleys and mountains as we wound through small villages.  After a while we came to construction where we waited in line for about 20 minutes.  As we passed by the loud machines that had finished working with the hot pavement long enough for us to drive on it, we saw a small river and an upcoming bridge we would cross.  As we rounded the corner, we approached the bridge and encountered one of our worst nightmares on our entire trip.  A small stone arch spanned the entrance to the one-lane 100 year-old rickety bridge that precariously hung above crocodile infested waters. (Read on …)