Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador & Guatemala June 23 to July 8, 2007

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We arrived in the colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua and were looking forward to visiting our friends Greg & Karen and their two daughters Daniela and Emma.  We had some time to kill before they were expecting us so Aaron decided to find a welder to create a stand for his new small motor.  There was a tiny hair “salon” right next to the welder so I got a much needed haircut.  It consisted of a large gold framed mirror on a tiny table underneath a tin roof.  There were only three walls so it was open to the welders working in the dirt lot right next to us.  While Aaron waited for the guys to start his project he watched them build a gate.  He realized there was a much easier way to build a stronger gate and offered to show them how.  (Read on …)

Kris & Emily visit Nicaragua - Costa Rica December 1, 2006 – January 9, 2007

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Originally, my mom and Aaron were supposed to fly in and out of Managua on the same days in order to minimize the number of times driving to Managua.  While in the states Aaron decided to extend his trip, thus providing me with a week between my mom leaving and Aaron returning.  After having spent three wonderful weeks with my mom, it was kind of nice to have the time to myself before Aaron came home.  A week flew by with guilt-free lounging, television, reading, working on our website and doing a bit of exercise.  Khorrah continuously got new wounds from scratching at ticks; so I was dressing them twice a day as well as keeping up with picking ticks from both dogs twice a day.  It was hard on everybody (Read on …)

Moms visit Nicaragua Oct 27-Nov 30 2006

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After picking up Cynthia at the airport in Managua we got some groceries and dog food before getting back to our sanctuary at San Juan.  Cynthia immediately took to the hammocks, where she spent a lot of time relaxing.  We had excellent weather during her visit.  We even got a little cool weather and rain which Cynthia was looking forward to!  After two days of lounging about the house and pool, we decided it was time to go to the beach!  Aaron loaded the kayak on top of the jeep and we headed to Bahia Magajual which is about 15 minutes down the dirt road heading north.  After Cynthia and I got set up with our umbrella in the shade, then Aaron set off to go spear fishing from the kayak.  He was gone for several hours and returned with a large rooster fish and a small snapper.  (Read on …)

San Juan del Sur rental house with RV friends Oct. 3-27, 2006

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Our rental house north of San Juan del Sur (in southern Nicaragua) was exactly what we were looking for.  In fact, we loved it so much we decided that we wanted it for the month of December as well!  There was a lot of drama and incorrect information given to us while we were waiting for the go ahead on the rental agreement.  At one point we were told we couldn’t rent the house at all.  There were too many people involved (owner in Canada, her friend representing her in Nicaragua, the real estate agents and us) and we were given some conflicting information, as people weren’t really sure if the house was capable of legally being rented at the time.  We really wanted the house so we continued to press for the correct information and were finally able to come to an agreement with everyone involved.  (Read on …)

Leaving El Salvador, through Honduras and first 20 days in Nicaragua Sept. 12 to Oct. 2, 2006

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The night before crossing the border from El Salvador into Honduras we stayed at a gas station about 45 minutes away from the border. We got up early and were at the El Amatillo border crossing at 8:15 a.m. It was a good thing too, since it was the worst border crossing we had experienced so far; we didn’t leave until 1:30 p.m.! The border “helpers” were the most persistent they have ever been hanging on the RV and Aaron was eventually forced to yell at the top of his lungs several times to convince them we did not need their assistance. They are men with ID tags hanging around their necks “confirming” they are legit and trying to sell their services at the border to help people get through. We speak Spanish and have never used one until we crossed into El Salvador, and even then it was proven that we shouldn’t have. (Read on …)

Costa Rica with Aaron’s mom and Nicaragua May 28 to June 22

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  Having spent cumulative of about a month working on the RV in Panama, we were ready to return to some of our favorite beaches in Costa Rica on our north bound trip.  We left David early and made it across the border in only an hour and a half.  We knew the route and were at Pinuela beach just after midday.  Aaron was desperate to spear fish but the weather just wasn’t cooperating.  When we stayed in Pinuela last time we had ideal weather for fishing and kayaking with friends as well as warm lapping waves in the small bay.  On our return trip the rainy season was bad for fishing, the waves were much larger and two friends we were hoping to visit were back in the states.  We were so fortunate to have had the experiences at this beautiful beach on our south bound trip!  (Read on …)