Chiapas, Mexico July 8 - 26

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July 8 to 26, 2007 Chiapas, Mexico

We drove forty-five minutes to the border and left Guatemala entering into Mexico at what Aaron described as a modern, clean and efficient border (La Mesilla). Once all the technicalities were taken care of we drove into Mexico playing James Taylor “Mexico”. We high-fived with glee, “We have returned to our beloved Mexico”! We are ALWAYS asked what our favorite country has been. I still hold true that I don’t have any favorites, but after having been south of Mexico for almost exactly one year, we were both really looking forward to returning to Mexico. We had already spent seven months in the country and there is still so much more to see and experience. It is an enormous country with a wide range of geography, culture, people, accents, food and attractions. We are happy to be back and look forward to another eight months in this welcoming neighbor of the United States.

At the Mexican border we asked where we could find propane and were directed towards the city of Comitan. It wasn’t that far off our route so we headed in that direction. We were originally turning at La Trinitaria towards the Lagunas de Montebello, Yaxchilan and Bonampak but Comitan was only a few kilometers beyond this intersection. (Read on …)

Belize to Mexico, Amy in WA, Brian and Shelly in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala 06-29-06 to 08-01-06

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We left Placencia around 9:30 and started our trek north to the Mexican border.  It was Friday morning and we cross on weekdays in case there are any issues with the dogs that need to be resolved with an office that isn’t open on weekends.  Although there were still some major potholes and muddy washed out parts of the road, the dirt road leaving Placencia wasn’t as bad as we were expecting.  It’s all of about 23 miles and it took us two hours!  As soon as we hit pavement we figured we might actually make it to the border in time!  We were only about 2 hours from the border when we passed through an inspection on a key intersection turning onto the Northern Belizean Highway.  Aaron wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and the officer told him it’s required in Belize and that he was going to issue him a ticket.  Aaron handed him his license and then walked back to the roadside “office” with the officer. 

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Yucatan Peninsula to Placencia, Belize June 1 to June 29

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After dropping Uncle Michael off at the Cancun airport, we spent an additional week in Puerto Juarez in order to fix the generator. Unfortunately we headed south with the generator still not working. Mosquitoes came in full force with the rains, and there is absolutely no breeze at the Mecoloco RV park to keep them at bay. Needless to say, we were extremely anxious to leave and start the next part of our journey in Belize! (Read on …)

Merida to Bacalar & return to Cancun with Michael May 12 to May 31

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Having left the periferico road of Merida at about 11:30 a.m., we traveled the free road and arrived in the outskirts of Cancun about five hours later. After negotiating some construction and detours, we eventually found the Mecaloco RV Park in the city of Puerto Juarez, just to the north of Cancun. As we started to unpack, the sunset illuminated the palm trees and a small ruin right in front of the RV. Right next door to the RV park is an archaeological site (Read on …)

Oaxaca to Merida, The Archaeological Route April 20th to May 14th

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We would like to acknowledge the passing of a very special man, Robert G Young. There are two pictures (50-51 of the new album), which were taken while in Atlanta in the past two years. All will miss Bob and both of us send our love to Martha and her family.

Upon leaving the city of Oaxaca we headed north on the windy, mountainous highway 175. We left at 10:30 am, and about an hour later our front brakes were on fire! After extinguishing the flames, (Read on …)

Oaxaca and Surrounding Pueblas 03-23 to 04-19

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We left Huatulco with great anticipation of what the road to Oaxaca would bring. After turning onto highway 190 from Tehuantepec, we were faced with the beautiful mountains that would bring us to the city of Oaxaca. Amy was giddy with joy as the mountains unfolded in front of us, “We’re going to the mountains!”. We had been beachside for over a month, and like most places there comes a time when you yearn for different scenery. We planned on taking Spanish courses and would be in the very indigenous city of Oaxaca for Semana Santa, so there was a lot to look forward to. (Read on …)

Acapulco to San Augustin 03-01-06 to 03-22-06

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After spending almost two weeks at the restaurant with Luz, Ajilio and Bria, it was time to move further south along the coast. We packed the RV the day before so we could relax and have breakfast one more time looking out over the bay of Barra de Potosi. We printed the photos that we had taken the day before and gave them to Luz and Ajilio. They really got a kick out of seeing themselves in the photos!
We met Jim and Sherrol and started our trek south in search of a possible dry camping (no facilities) spot that was supposed to be on a bay great for diving and snorkeling. It turns out that it wasn’t really a protected bay, just another beach on the open ocean. You may be asking yourselves what’s wrong with a Mexican beach on the open ocean (Read on …)

Patzcuaro to Zihuatanejo March 7, 2006

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Patzcuaro, Morelia, Troncones and Zihuatanejo (January 31 – February 28)
There are two photo albums that go with this post. They are labeled with the date above as well as “Part One” or “Part Two”

The libre (free) highway from Uruapan to Patzcuaro was a gentle ride through the beautiful mountains. Jim & Sherrol decided to take the cuota (toll road) instead, so we met them in Patzcuaro. By the time we arrived at our predetermined meeting place; they had already been in town long enough to locate a good RV park. Including our two rigs, there were only three RV’s in a huge field! (Read on …)

San Miguel de Allende to the Pacific Coast Feb. 07, 2006

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Following are several travel logues written as chapters over the past month. Although we intend to update more frequently we do not always have the opportunity. We hope you understand and appreciate your interest in our adventure.

We finally left San Miguel de Allende on January 3rd, heading for the beach in the general direction of Manzanillo. We spent a night in transit at a Pemex (gas station) on a small highway skirting the northern side of Lake Chapala (Lake Chapala is South of Guadalajara). Pemex stations are well known for allowing overnight parking for truckers and RV’s, but we found a gem for an overnight stay! (Read on …)

Official San Miguel Post

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We arrived in San Miguel at about 5:00 p.m. the Thursday before Christmas. After having spent the night in Ciudad Victoria’s Wal-Mart parking lot, we were greatly anticipating the charm of colonial San Miguel. Very soon we found ourselves in COLONIAL San Miguel, which means the streets are narrow, cobble stoned, and full of traffic. We were headed to El Centro, or the center of town, with no idea of the road conditions ahead. (Read on …)

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